Seen & Heard: BMCC Swimming Pool Update

••• Opening March 24 at R & Company: “Grains of Paradise: Contemporary African Design in Collaboration with Southern Guild” (below, works by Dokter and Misses) and “Lina Bo Bardi + Roberto Burle Marx.”

courtesy R and Company••• From N.: “Following up on the rumor you overheard, I finally got around to calling the BMCC athletics department to confirm it. The person who answered the phone told me that, yes, they are working on it and it will be set by summer. Also that Community Swim will resume when the pool opens.”

••• From a different N.: “Do you know what’s happening—if anything—at the Moschalides renovation? (30-32 N. Moore.) It has had plywood on the windows for a long time and nothing much seems to be going on there (new lot line windows were done last summer).” I’d assume it’s just a snag of some kind; will keep my eyes open. If anyone knows anything….

••• A reader emailed a Toll Brothers “corporate profile” (PDF) about 355 Broadway, the developer’s just announced 19-story building between Franklin and Leonard: “Looks like construction is expected to start Q2 2016 and complete in Q4 2018.” Also, the estimated revenue is $345 million. No word yet if they’ll call it The Tollhouse.

••• Henrybuilt is opening what appears to be a shop (for its furniture?) at 12 Crosby. It’s the company doing the millwork for the Sterling Mason. Update: A rep asked that Henrybuilt be referred to as a “kitchen system company.” Also, the Grand Street showroom is closing when the lease is up this month, so this is not a shop but a showroom.

Henrybuilt 12 Crosby••• Not a single guess yet for yesterday’s Where in Tribeca…? (That’s it below.) This could be your chance….

where in tribeca entrance sign 21615••• A non-Tribeca recommendation, so avert your eyes if this kind of thing upsets you…. No disrespect to Neil Patrick Harris, but I had no interest in seeing him in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. He just wasn’t my Hedwig. But when I heard that the role’s originator, John Cameron Mitchell, was taking over for a bit, I leaped. Hedwig is one of my favorite films, and I’m not sure how accessible the current production really is if you don’t know the story, but holy cow was he good. If you liked the movie—or the show when it originally played—I highly recommend it.



  1. Completely agree with you regarding Hedwig. I saw it last month with John Cameron Mitchell and have been singing the songs ever since! He was fantastic!

  2. Not only is John Cameron Mitchell in Hedwig but Rebecca Jones, who grew up in Tribeca & her mom Susan Rosenberg still lives here, will be starring with him!

  3. Henrybuilt is a custom cabinetry/millwork shop.