More on the Big New Hotel in Northwest Tribeca

We knew that a hotel was coming to Desbrosses and Washington, and that the garage at Greenwich and Desbrosses was going to be turned into a restaurant to go along with it—and now we’ve learned that plans have changed. According to a Commercial Observer article, “Western Heritable Investment Company, Caspi Development and Barone Management are planning a 90- to 100-room hotel at 456 Greenwich Street.” The plans for the single-story restaurant (rendering below) have been scrapped in favor of one eight-story building: “The partnership has chosen to keep the integrity of the rich historic district of New York that is Tribeca and is creating a building over the entire 12,000-square-foot site,” a rep told the Commercial Observer. (Because nothing says “keep the integrity” like demolition.) The rendering above is looking northeast from Desbrosses, with Truffles on the left and Greenwich Street on the right. The sheer number of people in the rendering above is sure to give residents pause….

On the bright side: No White Truffles.

The Commercial Observer says that the hotel will have “a restaurant with a bar, a 1,500-square-foot interior courtyard, a spa, a swimming pool, meeting space and a screening room.” One more tidbit: “Plans may also include a private member club.”

All of this is thanks to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which told the developers when the restaurant first came up for approval that they’d be OK with tearing it down.

456 Greenwich rendering



  1. Meatpacking comes to Tribeca….

  2. The upper West side continues its relentless slide down to Tribeca! Har har

    I can imagine the look of divine bliss on the developers faces when landmarks told them they could knock down the teenysy toy building and develop the entire 12000 sq foot lot…

    At the same time I agree that anything in front of fugly Truffles has to be an overall plus for the neighborhood!
    The only good thing that came with Truffles is FIKA…

  3. And all of the development is thanks to Amanda “We-Don’t-Spot-Zone” Burden, whose Zoning Commission rezoned the four blocks of northwest Tribeca.

    • My understanding was that the rezoning of NW Tribeca was to prevent the kind of cheap, tall buildings you see going up all over FiDi—a main feature was to cap the height at ~11 stories. Realistically, one-story buildings all over Manhattan have been doomed for a while now, and the only reason these didn’t come down sooner was because the Pontes hadn’t gotten around to it.

  4. We can dream . . . but it would have been nice if the rendering included at least one or two people of color (not the nanny, house cleaner or day laborer), and reflected the diversity that makes NYC so great.