Seen & Heard: The Mermen Have Arrived

••• The mermen have arrived!

••• I hear that women’s boutique Pookie & Sebastian is opening its Reade Street location tomorrow. Haven’t confirmed it; will stop by tomorrow.

••• Loving Robert Janz‘s arrow phase. There was one big white poster with a lone blue arrow that I admit I tried to remove (but failed).

Robert Janz arrows••• Adoro Lei has started offering delivery. “We’re basically going about a mile north, south, and east (we’re already as west as it gets!). So basically going to try to service Tribeca, Hudson Square, Soho, and the West Village.” The restaurant isn’t on Seamless yet; call 646-666-5096. And remember: Adoro Lei won’t sell its wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas as takeout or delivery, because they don’t come out of the box as good as when they go in. Instead, you can get brick-oven pizza to go—because it travels just fine.

••• I had never noticed the funky shadow font created by Landmarc‘s sign.

Landmarc shadow••• Regarding the big drill on the west side of Citigroup’s building at 388 Greenwich: “I asked one of the drillers about it,” reports V., “and he said they were drilling for rocks—and that often is the case before one starts to build on land.” Last we heard was in October, when a source said that “global headquarters (CEO and all) down to Tribeca from 399 Park. So 388 is undergoing construction starting from the top down. In addition the 388/390 Greenwich lobbies are being combined which is why the ground level work is being done. March 2015 is the official end of work.” The drill tells another story…. Can they really be building on that private plaza alongside West Street? It’s bad news for the kids that play there (from a nearby school—never been sure which one).

388 Greenwich CItigroup drill