Seen & Heard: Plans for a Seaport Megatower?

••• Folks on Desbrosses are mobilizing against the plans to turn American Flatbread into an event space. Posted up and down the street:

American Flatbread flyer••• The “Soft Spin” installation at the Winter Garden is underway. Nice shot by Andrea Buman.

••• More from Tom Goodkind about the recent CB1 Affordable Housing report update:

1) A significant drop in affordable rentals.
2) A list of affordability expiration dates—new to the report—showing that as soon as 2017, we will lose the Solaire.
Since the last Report, we appear to have lost affordability at SouthBridge and many rentals. Our new Mayor has pledged to increase the building of affordable Inclusionary Housing throughout the City, but no such housing is planned for our area.  This is a significant disadvantage to us, as affordable programs give 50% preference to those living in the community. Our area, once income diverse, appears to now only attract those of upper income, leaving many seniors, recent college grads, civil workers, artists, with nowhere to live in our part of lower Manhattan.

••• From photographer Robert A. Ripps: “I walked by Washington Desbrosses West site today, and captured a panorama using 5 shots which I stitched together in Photoshop. While watching how the program ran slowly on such a huge file, I got an idea for how to show the past- represented as a negative image, transitioning into the future.” Click it to see it bigger.

ripps_0102-0583.NEF••• From Save Our Seaport:

In a letter to shareholders on March 13, 2105, the Howard Hughes Corporation publicly disclosed the acquisition of property and air rights from 161-163 Front St., 167 Front St., 175 Front St., 164 John St., 205-207 Front St., 2 Fulton St., 89 and 94 South St. In the last quarter of 2014 they acquired properties at 80 and 83-85 South St. ‘The Howard Hughes Corporation has been busily assembling properties on the immediate outskirts of the South Street Seaport Historic District, that may allow them to build the largest residential mixed-use building in North America as-of-right,” said a Save Our Seaport spokesperson. […] The HHC’s proposed “Seaport District Assemblage” may even be taller than 1 World Trade Center (without the antenna) utilizing 818,000 square feet on South Street between John and Fletcher Streets.”



  1. Great NEWS about 80 South Street! This would be awesome! Especially since it would be as of right. I just hope they pick a cutting edge and bold architect.

  2. If you can’t get in the front door, there’s always the back door …

  3. Mr. Ripps,

    Love your concept

    May I respectfully suggest that if our future is indeed represented by Truffles it be portrayed as the inverted negative

    I for one hope for our future to be far better and brighter



  4. Horrible Howard Hughes Corp news. Their whole approach is out of character with the city and – based on other example of their development work – they really should stay in Texas. I hope it becomes so difficult for them to move this inappropriate building idea forward (come on bureaucratic red tape!! come on community opposition!! ) that there’s no profit in it for them and they abandon the site, the city and the state. Permanently.

  5. Out of character? If you live in Wichita…