Shake Shack Is Opening at the Fulton Center

On Saturday, I mentioned to some readers that I was going to a dinner party that night, and they asked if I’d be writing about it. “Not a chance!” I said. “A friend on the Upper East Side is having us over. Why would I write about that?”

Not ten minutes into the dinner party did another guest mention that Shake Shack is opening in the Fulton Center. And she had it on pretty good authority.

Last we had heard, the chain (along with Wahlburger) was considering the South Street Seaport. But if I were Westfield, the company handling the leasing at the Fulton Center, I’d do everything I could to find an anchor tenant to draw people in—and up. Because how else are you going to get folks to make the journey from street level? (Or from below street level?) Shake Shack—a bit mystifyingly at this point, but whatever—will appeal to tourists, workers, students, and locals.

I went over to poke around. A couple of security guards were standing there, so I said that I had heard a Shake Shack was opening in the building. “Not yet,” one replied, evidently thinking I was asking if it was already open. “Soon!”

Officially, I suppose this sits somewhere between rumored and confirmed, probably closer to the latter. UPDATE: Shake Shack confirmed it.

The rendering below is from this post, which shows how the various levels are laid out.

Fulton Center rendering4



  1. Good good give it a rest with this pseudo-chain already. Their food isn’t even all that great and their Shake Sucks. The one I had was 80% ice cream and 20% milk. Gee Whiz and Square Diner make better milkshakes.

    Can’t NYC have an independent burger and fries place/business in a mall?

    There’s already a Shake Shack in Battery Park City. Put a family-run Irish bar-restaurant in there.

    • So don’t eat there and walk to Zeitzeff, Bareburger, Smashburger or elsewhere.

      The lines of people out the door speak to the contrary of your point, and I’m happy as a lark I don’t have to cross the West Side Highway anymore.

  2. This Shart Shack will be underground, enabling employees to harvest their food’s massive salt quantities directly from the bedrock.

  3. Off topic, where do I find the best Pad Thai in TriBeCa?

  4. Just east of Tribeca on Baxter is Pongsri. Unfortunately, they do not deliver but their Pad Thai along with the rest of their menu is worth the trip. There are no Thai places in Tribeca that I know of.

    • depending on where you live in Tribeca Lan Larb ( might deliver to you. It’s our standard Thai and we order regular from there. Be a little bit adventures and order the more unkwon dishes, you won’t be disappointed.
      All time favorite:
      Kui Teiw Nam Tok Nuer and Larb Nam Tok Nuer

  5. Finally something is going in there – albeit not until 2016. Is it just me or are they struggling to fill that space? its been open since November and there are still no stores – not even the kiosks that they said would line the first floor. Seeing as nearby Brookfield Place and the Westfield World Trade retail spaces are mostly spoken for despite neither being open, it is really something that the Fulton center has been under construction for 10 years, sits on top of a transit crossroads, and yet has been empty for almost half a year. Maybe the MTA is charging too-high rents to make up for the billions they wasted building that place.

  6. BPC Resident: The space is said to be completely leased. They just have not released names. Westfield actually didn’t get the master lease to operate the Fulton Center until shortly before it physically opened. Interest in the space was far higher than expected and prices were raised as a result. They have told us that we “will be very happy” with their tenants. All the naysaying will disappear when everything opens.