Seen & Heard: Beaubourg Restaurant Is Now Open

••• As predicted, only a small part more of Le District opened today—prepared food and flowers and I think the boulangerie. But the Beaubourg restaurant is open now for lunch, drinks, and dinner seven days a week.

••• N. noticed that the tooth-rattlingly cobblestoned patch of Varick alongside Albert Capsouto Park is getting a non-cobblestoned bike lane installed.

••• Check out these adorable bandanna bibs at Babesta‘s new Brookfield Place shop. Need to see if I can get them in adult size, for Adam.

Bandana Bibs at Babesta••• North End Grill is kicking off a series of wine dinners on April 14. You can participate in the program or not, and there’s no lecturing—the winemakers will chat with those who are up for it. Of special note: John Williams of Frog’s Leap Winery on Oct. 20. A bit more info from wine director Mia Van de Water is below. You can reserve the usual ways.

Depending on the winemaker, it may include back vintage releases or wines not typically seen in the market—e.g. for the Frog’s Leap dinner, John is releasing some 1996 Cabernet Sauvignon to us, and for Turley [June 30] we will probably get some older vintages of Hayne Petite Sirah, as well as the White Coat, which has a very narrow distribution (mostly mailing list). Wines are available as a pairing to the menu, or by the glass if you want to drink them a la carte; pricing for the full pairing will be a flat rate, but a la carte by the glass pricing will vary based on the cost of the wine.

••• A show of new prints by Il Lee opens April 4 at Art Projects International. Love his work!

••• 39 White is looking good—I assume it was hidden for a while, because I don’t remember it at all.

39 White


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  1. I love the il lee prints at artprojects gallery !
    … and windows by gwenn thomas.
    Thanks TriBeCa Citizen!