Seen & Heard: Teddy Bear Removed

••• I defy you to walk by Langdon Florist—or any flower shop—on this beautiful day and not buy something. (I picked up some hyacinths for Adam.)

Langdon Florist••• Gimhongsok’s teddy bear sculpture was removed today from Tribeca Park. The pic below is courtesy Tina Kim Gallery, but the Trib has a better, edgier one. Now bring on the severed head!

teddy courtesy tinakimgallery••• Interesting exhibit opening Sept. 9 (!) at Apexart: “Life After Death and Elsewhere, an exhibition conceived and organized in collaboration with prisoners on Death Row in Nashville, Tennessee. [It] will focus on designs by the prisoners for their own memorials, which take various forms such as drawings, photographs, paintings, models, and text-based pieces, or, alternately, they will submit works that address their refusal to memorialize themselves.”

••• “The Good Wife” is shooting in the Duane/Church area on Wednesday, April 8.

••• Tipster #1 said Modell’s is moving from its current spot on Chambers to the corner (where Duane Reade is leaving soon), but Tipster #2 says that Modell’s is actually expanding into the new space.

••• 66 Reade has posted a rendering drawing of how it’ll look when it’s unveiled, post face-lift.

••• SAJA Wedding is moving from Nolita to Tribeca.

Saja Wedding



  1. Modell’s is expanding? UGH. There goes Blink Fitness there. Who is the landlord for that space so I can call to urge him/her to rent to Blink? We do NOT need more Modell’s which is a waste of space already with its PATHETIC selection of clothes and sporting goods. It’s not even a sporting goods store anymore as maybe 25% of the store space is devoted to actual sports and that space is all the way in the back as if sports comes second to clothes – oh wait…

  2. Do you think they’ll ever get rid of the permanent scaffolding however??

  3. I like Modell’s…I don’t get it. I always find what I’m looking for there. And most of the staff is really nice…many I’m not sporty enough or something. Stay Modell’s, stay!

    Stay Teddy Bear stay!! Fun public art.