In the News: Car Jumped Sidewalk and Hit Pedestrian

550 Washington••• “New York Fashion Week will have not just one, but two new homes: Skylight at Moynihan Station, the old post office on Eighth Avenue between 32nd and 33rd Streets […] and Skylight Clarkson Square at 550 Washington Street, which is also the home of the first New York Fashion Week: Men’s in July.” (550 Washington is the huge building that Houston runs through.) —Racked

••• Anonymous tip via the tipline (917-209-6473 or “Another pedestrian hit by a car on Beekman between William and Nassau—on the Gehry side. I got there as ambulance pulled away and people gathered around firemen talking about a car that drove up on sidewalk and kept going. Firemen were standing near a crushed dunkin donuts coffee cup as if it were evidence or something. This happened nearly opposite where the UPS driver was hit a year or so ago. Scary stuff.” Be careful out there, people!

••• The Patriot Saloon evidently has a sister bar in Harlem, The Duck, so obviously the New Yorker had to review it.

••• “Owners of the luxury building 20 Pine […] are at war with the city and commercial tenant FedEx over a ramp they fear will create a security hazard.” —New York Post

••• A Fine Blog checks in on the progress of the Battery Maritime Building addition; when it’s done there will be a hotel and a Mykonos-style restaurant. Below: a rendering. (via Curbed)



  1. when/if the Patriot Saloon leaves Tribeca, it’s time to go, because hell will have truly frozen over.

  2. Beekman between William and Nassau? Mostly trucks *park* on the sidewalks, all week long. Walk down it sometime, 9-5. UPS, FEDEX, Gehry tower deliveries, USPS. Many private cars park below William before Gold on sidewalks; hospital staff or firefighters, my guess. It’s a ticket mint, but traffic cops – nowhere to be seen.

  3. The Patriot Saloon will close if the building it’s in part of development including the property on the corner which has shut down Imperial Coffee House and will shut down Basics Plus. Raccoon Lodge will close, too, if the building they’re in is part of the development which will knock down the buildings along the east side of West Broadway between Murray and Warren Streets. So it is possible TriBeCa will be down to only two true dive bars in the next few years: TriBeCa Tavern and Nancy Whiskey Pub down the street from each other.