Seen & Heard: Cafeteria Update

••• Soho Photo‘s May shows, opening May 6, include Jordan Matter‘s “Dancers Among Us” series. (Not sure if this one is in the show—I found it on Matter’s Instagram page.)

••• An intriguing comment from Remington about Zoie’s Café: “The workers at Beach Street Eatery told me a pizza place was going there—could it be the pizza place closing on Greenwich?” I called Tribeca Pizzeria to ask, ad the guy I spoke with said they weren’t planning on reopening in the neighborhood. He may have been out of the loop, of course, or it may be a different pizzeria. If you know anything, please share it!

••• The plans for a Cafeteria restaurant in the former MaryAnn’s space at W. Broadway and Reade have been stalled for a while—demolition of the building may or may not have led to its neighbor (111 Reade) tilting, which led to plans to keep the current building and renovate it—so I called the Cafeteria in Chelsea to see if the Tribeca outpost is still on. “I think that’s still the plan as long as the building gets everything in order,” said a manager.

••• From Laura: “The PS 234 Spring Auction will be held on Saturday, April 18, from 6:30-11 p.m. at the school. We have over 600 items in the silent and live auctions, with items in every imaginable category—such as Taylor Swift concert tickets, Joy Gryson and Judith Leiber bags, vacations in Rome…. For more information and a look at the full catalog:”

••• Today through Sunday, Khe-Yo “will be commemorating the biggest holiday in the Lao calendar by offering a ‘Songkran’ New Year dinner menu. The multi-course menu [$65] will include Khe-Yo’s take on classic Lao New Year dishes like grilled goat marinated with lemongrass and garlic, four different varieties and preparations of fish (black bass, porgy, red snapper, crappie), Green Circle chicken laap with tamarind lemongrass broth, and an assortment of steamed and raw vegetables, herbs, and sauces. Chef-owner Soulayphet ‘Phet’ Schwader will enlist his mother, Soubanh, to join him in the kitchen for the week of celebrations. As a leader in the Lao community in Wichita, Kansas, she’ll also be offering traditional table-side blessings to participating diners.”



  1. If a pizzeria opens in Zoie’s Cafe I don’t see how it’d be in business for long. Zoie’s Cafe was a deli which sold way more food including healthier food than a pizzeria plus candy, snacks etc. so how could a place with a very limited menu fare as good or better? A new place would have alot of competition in Donna Bella, Cafe Amore, Palermo’s, Gigino’s, Domino’s, La Famiglia, the dollar slice joint at Canal Street and West Broadway, and the new pizzeria on Broadway in the old Three L’s Pizza space whose name escapes me.

    ‘Best to open a pizzeria in Tribeca when all those places save Gigino’s close so you’re almost the only game in the neighborhood.

  2. Plus Saluggi’s, Little Italy Pizza on Park Place and the place on Church Street whose name escapes me for ELEVEN pizza places in Tribeca already. Again, wait until most of these places close.

  3. I need a pizza place that’s open until midnight and delivers. The only late night pizza option in the ‘hood is Dominos, and as a life long NY-er it make me cringe to order pizza from a fast-food franchise (but I can’t lie, Domino’s thin-crust pizza is really good).

    • I know it’s not your typical pizzeria, but Cyrk has one of the best pies in Tribeca.

      • @HH – Charly’s Pizza on Church Street is open 24 hours and their $13.05 total after tax medium plain cheese pizza pie destroys Domino’s.

        If you want just a slice or two Ben’s Pizzeria at MacDougal and W.3rd Sts. is open ’til 4-5am and well worth the walk.

        These two > any Tribeca pizza but I’ll definitely give Cyrk a chance if one opens down here or if I’m near one as I’ve heard of but never had Cyrk pizza.

  4. The owner of the old MATTONE that was on Hubert & Greenwich is opening the pizza place in the old Zoie’s cafe & Mattone’s pizza was great! The owner said they will have other food as specials, maybe even burgers as specials. It won’t be opening for several months.