Seen & Heard: Rumored Tenant for the NYSC Space

••• Didn’t see this coming: I hear the Gap—despite its big new store on Broadway—might be taking the New York Sports Club space on Reade.

••• The Greek has created a petition to try and get a sidewalk café. It says that the reason is “our landlord refuses (for no apparent reason) to sign the Landlord Authorization Form,” although if I remember correctly, the problem initially was that the restaurant put out sidewalk seating without city approval. Anyway, actor Paul Bettany is onboard.

tweet Paul Bettany the Greek••• Baked is turning up the heat with a gay night called Coffee Grinder (“Boys, Beer, Bundts & Espresso“) on Friday, April 24. It’s also the launch of a gay food magazine called Mouthfeel. (If you click that link, brace yourself for men eating bananas.) Despite the invite, I don’t think it’s clothing optional, but you can always try.

Coffee Grinder••• All-female mariachi band Flor de Toloache will be performing at El Vez on Cinco de Mayo.

••• “Looks like they are finally grooming the giant va…. I mean, painting the lovely Calatrava,” tweeted M.M. De Voe.



  1. Someone who works at NYSC told us it was going to become an LA Fitness gym. Any leads on that?

  2. The Gap? Gross.

    Blink Fitness > LA Fitness but I’ll take either over a Gap.

  3. Ugh, thanks for sharing that tweet! Now I can’t un-see it.

  4. The Greek did have a very small setup of a couple of tiny tables out front when they first opened.
    We were so disappointed when they were removed as it was a great place to try their delicious food.

    The Greek is truly a great restaurant, with wonderful staff excellent food & wine and is a great addition to our neighborhood.

    This should be allowed to happen quickly