In the News: Jake Gyllenhaal Looking on Lispenard

kansas 62411 by tribeca citizen••• A New York Times article on “10 Galleries to Visit in Soho and Tribeca” includes Postmasters, Kansas, and the National Exemplar, which I hadn’t even heard of till now. (Also mentioned is Apexart in a sidebar oddly titled “Don’t Miss”—if it were that essential, wouldn’t it have made the list of 10?)

••• Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly looked at apartments at 52 Lispenard. —New York Post

••• Battery Park news: “the construction barricades surrounding the Battery Oval, the park’s centerpiece, have come down, and the path around it has opened.” —Broadsheet

••• “After a woman was struck in a hit-and-run collision just steps from a Lower Manhattan elementary school earlier this week, the school is again pressing for a crossing guard.” —DNAinfo

••• Manhattan User’s Guide checks in with the Fountain Pen Hospital: “They have the same phone number they’ve had for decades, when it was written WOrth 4-0580.”



  1. We need to make the sidewalks more safe for Spruce Street children who are on their way to school or from school each day. Another safety issue that needs to be addressed as it directly affects the children who are walking home from school is the tour bus congestion on Park Row by City Hall Park. It has become a serious safety concern. The buses park back to back and block crosswalks making it extremely difficult for kids to get to the sidewalk. It is also impossible to penetrate the large groups of tourists who stand there, disorganized, making Park Row feel more than ever like it has morphed into a bus depot of sorts.

  2. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger, Danger! I think we should make the sidewalks less safe for all children to teach them (my daughter included) to toughen up so they can survive in the real world.