What’s Happening With the Bar at 20 Warren?

Yesterday morning, I was walking along Warren when a flyer in the window of 20 Warren, where the 20/20 restaurant and bar used to be, caught my eye. I thought it might be a new notification of a liquor-license hearing, but it was the one from last September. (The metal gate is almost always pulled shut.) And then I noticed, through the window, that the interior had been redone in a fairly traditional pub style, from what I could see, and that it looked nearly done. “It’s opening soon,” said a worker hanging out nearby.

That was a major surprise, because my understanding was that the plans for Tara of Tribeca had hit a wall. To recap: Back in September, Joseph Crotty went before Community Board 1. From the Unofficial Minutes:

“It’s going to be an upscale Irish pub with upscale food,” said Joe Crotty [….] It’ll have a 13-seat bar and 19 tables seating 76. He wanted to be able to stay open till 2 a.m. on weekdays and 3 a.m. on weekends “for police officers, firemen, and nurses heading home.” Despite having been a bar consultant for 23 years now, Crotty seemed genuinely surprised that CB1 wouldn’t dream of allowing such late hours on a side street—in fact, its default hours are midnight and 1 a.m., and you can come back after a period of good behavior to try again. (“I wouldn’t have signed the lease had I known about he restrictions.”) Crotty kept trying to bargain, possibly because committee members appeared to be asking rather than telling, and eventually the committee said he could come back after six months of being open.

In December, however, Crotty withdrew from his agreement with CB1’s stipulations and went directly to the State Liquor Authority to try for later hours. (The SLA can overlook CB1’s recommendation.) Nearby buildings signed petitions against his application, and concerned residents went to the long SLA meeting on December 11 to testify. The application (which is for “Tara of Tribeca Gastrolounge and Grille,” I need to point out, and includes Ann Travaglini as a co-owner) never came up before the full board, and the word through the grapevine was that Tara of Tribeca had abandoned it and was trying to sell the lease.

The worker’s “opening soon” remark yesterday implied otherwise. The proprietors’ willingness to utterly disregard the community’s wishes is bad enough, but I happen to live nearby, too—so I contacted the SLA. “This application was denied on February 5, 2015,” said a rep.

UPDATE: I hear that the application was denied for reasons relating to required documents not being produced, and that Tara of Tribeca can reapply (straight to the SLA, skipping notifying the community or going in front of CB1).



  1. A cop bar? Ugh no please. It’s bad enough they act like self-entitled, self-righteous savages* on duty, think of how they’ll act off-duty. Who’s calling the cops on two drunken fighting cops?

    * What anonymous NYPD cops call black people in the comments section of a well-known cop blog.

    • I deleted your more recent comment because I found it to be one over-the-top, venomous, vitriolic rant too many. You’ve been weighing in negatively on just about every post, often under different names, and it’s making me nuts, because one of the great things about this site has been that it has generally avoids trolls. If you can be polite and thoughtful, great, please comment. If not, please go somewhere else.

      • Over the top? Try reality. Jeff said my comment was sad, I said what is really sad and you censored it cuz you’re a pro-cop yuppie putz who should stick to raving over chain bakeries and listing the newest developer conquests.

        Eric Garner was killed by NYPD, deal with it. There has been a culture of racism and violence among the NYPD ever since Giuliani became mayor, deal with that, too. Sorry if it breaks your neverending boring train of X is opening Y is closing Z might be opening or closing posts, or basically 90% of TB posts.

        Again I don’t want an NYPD bar in this neighborhood (like you don’t want quite a number of things you have listed across time here.) That was my initial comment until Jeff made a bombastic troll post baiting me to retort. “The NYPD does a phenomenal job overall” now really in lieu of the thousands of people who have marched against NYPD police brutality. If that isn’t inviting someone to reply with otherwise i.e. trolling I don’t know what is. Quite frankly it insults my intelligence and that of x amount of your readers.

        I’ll definitely be going somewhere else as I’m not into the pro-cop suburbanite vibe here.

  2. The NYPD does a phenomenal job overall. These men & women are welcome in my neighborhood any day. As with any group, there are a few bad apples but statement above is just sad.

  3. Of course there are some bad cops out there that have done some horrible things but it’s irresponsible to label the entire police force as evil just because it’s the flavor of the day. I don’t understand how this acceptable any more than labeling an entire race of people based on the acts of a few exceptionally bad or good apples?

  4. Guys — there’s already a copy bar in the ‘hood. Nancy Whisky pub on Lispendard Street. And we need the cops or else we’ll be fucked. Be glad they are here and protecting us..more than you think!