In the News: Pigeon-Feeding Resident Riles Neighbors

••• “At 173 Duane St., a resident on the fifth floor is reportedly feeding pigeons—they are going back and forth from her apartment—incensing residents at 171 Duane St., who have been complaining to Community Board 1.” —Downtown Express

••• “City Hall Restaurant chef Henry Meer is slated to open a food and drinks kiosk, with seating for about 100 people, on [Pier 16 in the Seaport] this July […] Some of the revenue from the eatery is going to support the South Street Seaport Museum, he said. […] A preliminary menu includes Pat LaFrieda burgers, a selection of hot dogs, gazpacho, grilled corn with lime, along with fries, tater tots and buttermilk onion rings.” Meer is busy: He’s also opening a wine store at the World Trade Center. —DNAinfo

••• “70 Pine’s debut as pricey rentals gets pushed back yet again.” —Curbed

••• “WeWork rival Cowork|rs [yes, that’s how they spell it] will soon offer startups affordable downtown offices. The co-working-space provider will open a 30,000-square-foot outpost at 55 Broadway. […] Cowork|rs is also negotiating to open another outpost downtown, according to its founder, Shlomo Silber, who could not yet disclose that second space because the deal has not been finalized. That space will also be about 40,000 square feet.” —Crain’s

••• We had seen elevations of the new building coming to 465 Washington (between Canal and Watts), and now we have a rendering (below). “The building has been in the works for about a year and a half, but a new rendering provides a first look at what to expect on the site between Watts and Canal streets. Project architect Zakrzewski + Hyde is doubling the size of the existing five-story building to create space for seven zero-net-waste condominiums. The building will also feature a roof deck on a sixth-floor recess.” —Curbed

465 Washington rendering 465 Washington rear elevation



  1. Rich people problems i.e. 171 Duane St. residents being angry at a resident at 173 Duane St. who’s been feeding animals who were in NYC loooong before the rich people who live at 173 Duane St. were.

    In the East Village people adore Christo and Dora (the hawks who have set up residence against Christodora House.) Tribeca? Damn those pigeons! “Flying rats!” people cry. I love pigeons. You people at 173 Duane need to leave the pigeons alone and get lives. CB1 has more important things to tend to than your gripes about what exactly? How are the pigeons harming you?

  2. Pigeons carry lots of diseases, such as meningitis which can easily be spread and could be fatal. Pigeons are also filthy and poop everywhere. They certainly are flying rats..!

    • So do children.

    • Meningitis? LOL. You must be kidding. It’s 2015 not 1815.

      I DEFY you to name me ONE case of meningitis caused by a pigeon in this or the last century in NYC or anywhere else.

      Pigeons are not filthy or flying rats, they are wild birds where any “filth” on them is dirt, grime, and air pollution caused by HUMANS. I suppose you want to eradicate all sparrows and ravens as well. Btw since when are pigeons an animal to be made extinct hmmm?

      Good ones Jim!

      • Terry, a friend of mine was feeding pigeons in the ’90, got bit by one contracted meningitis and died because he wasn’t vaccinated….there’s your ONE case.

        Playing with any wild animal poses a lot of threats to humans…this is why it’s the law to vaccinate dogs from Rabies…you don’t think there’s ANY risk for fornicating with wild animals and contracting any diseases?

        • So now we can’t feed or fornicate with pigeons?! This neighborhood is so uptight.

        • Perhaps your friend died of menningitis from another cause. Just because one person died or might have died from contact with a pigeon a quarter of a century ago doesn’t mean pigeons should be eradicated, besides that you have a better chance of being killed by a bolt of lightning than being killed by a pigeon. Btw I’ve lived in NYC since the early ’70s and don’t recall a New York Times/Post/Daily News/Newsday article or tv story about this death you speak of and I’d imagine it’d have been news. Can you pull up the story if one was written?

          Wayyyy more people in this city have been killed by pitbulls than pigeons – should we exterminate pitbulls, too? How ’bout we kill all squirrels, too, since they are vectors of rabies? Let’s exterminate all stray cats and dogs while we’re at it. Let’s kill ALL wild animals in NYC.

          The 173 Duane Street resident feeding pigeons is doing exactly that, not “playing” with them.

  3. Human beings kill more people and animals than dogs, pigeons and squirrels combined. We should definitely stop feeding them.

    • This thread is comedy gold!

      Hey Jim add college students to the creatures who cause meningitis, too.

      If I feed Doritos to BMCC, Pace University, or NYU students will anyone complain? After all, they are vectors of meningitis, too.