Another Parking Garage Is Probably Doomed

The Central Parking garage at 56 N. Moore is indeed on the market, says the Real Deal (as hinted at last week). The asking price is $88 million. That the garage—located on one of Tribeca’s most prime blocks—has survived this long is a bit of a miracle. “The 41,000-square-foot garage […] will be delivered vacant. The property offers 44,000 square feet of existing development rights.”

At least they’re not marketing it as a single-family home….



  1. Oh no, where will I park my car after all these years on No. Moore?

  2. Maybe whatever this building becomes will keep the curb cut and have a public parking garage in the basement (or if the new developers are smart, up each apartment’s price by like $500k or whatever and include a deeded parking spot)