Seen & Heard: Is the N. Moore Parking Garage for Sale?

••• The “Survivor Tree” at the 9/11 Memorial is in full bloom—and more strikingly, the other trees are not. Photo courtesy @WTCProgress.

survivor tree courtesy wtcprogress••• Speaking of trees: If you’ve ever wanted to dine on the patio at Ladurée (or before that, Barolo) on W. Broadway during cherry blossom season, the moment is now. UPDATE 4/29: I happened to be in Soho yesterday when my husband, Adam, mentioned that he’d be willing to come downtown for lunch today; he has always wanted to dine under those cherry trees. So I walked into Ladurée and made a reservation for lunch outside. Today, we met there, only to be told that the restaurant isn’t serving outside. Honestly, I love Ladurée’s macarons, but that very special space should be taken away from them if they can’t make use of what makes it so special.

••• Remember how we concluded that the scaffolding at 56 N. Moore didn’t mean that the garage is being converted to condos? “I ran into a photographer taking pictures of 56 N. Moore at dusk,” emails Robert A. Ripps, “and he told me he was shooting the building because it was for sale.” I went over to ask the workers. “Not yet,” said one. And then: “It’s been for sale forever. It’s always for sale.” Not sure where exactly that leaves us….

56 NMoore••• There have been lots of great messages in the comments, but perhaps the best reaction to the news of Tribeca Pizzeria’s closing comes from Josh Wolfe on Instagram. “I arbitraged nostalgia, cornered market on chicken rolls,” he wrote. And then on Twitter: “My pedestrian palette knows 1 thing: chicken rolls. I sampled widely. They were NYCs best.”

Tribeca Pizzeria chicken rolls by Josh Wolfe••• Yet another film shoot this week: It’s on Friday and it’s for “Half Shell,” which is actually a sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; the signs are on Church.

••• Maxwell’s is also showing the big fight this Saturday ($40 and you can reserve).

••• Cool Lego “storage heads” at both Lot-Less locations. Ice bucket? Wastepaper basket? Plant holder? Halloween candy bowl?

Lego storage heads at Lot-Less Broadway••• Opening May 7 at Front Art Space: “A Brief History of Immigration, Maria de Los Angles Cornejo’s first solo show in NYC. Ms. Cornejo will be cladding the interior with vignettes completed on un-stretched, loose pieces of canvas which will be affixed to the gallery walls to a mural-like transformation. Figuration dominates the work of Ms. Cornejo which suggests a fragmented narrative derived from autobiographical events and social commentaries. Her intent is to engage the viewer in a conversation on immigration and human rights issues.”

by Maria Cornejo courtesy Front Art Space


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  1. i bought the last AWESOME lego head from the Chambers store. I will be storing… legos.