Seen & Heard: Hardware Store Closed

••• I was on my way out of town Saturday morning when I saw boxes piled in the window of Basics Plus, the hardware store on Church. In April, it had six months to live—I guess it decided it wasn’t worth it.

Basics Plus••• At least one of the retail storefronts at 93 Worth seems to have been rented, with lots of work being done inside. Anyone know what’s coming?

••• Still no guesses for Where in Tribeca…? I’ll post the answer later today.

••• The demolition of 43-51 Park Place continues. There are going to be two new buildings: a huge condo tower and a short Islamic community center.

43 Park Place••• Gunbae doesn’t open till later this week—but, naturally, there’s already a Yelp review.

••• Looks like someone got proposed to at the Irish Hunger Memorial. (“Darling, I’m famished for your love….”) What else could it be? The reader who sent the pic in, however, said there was no sign of anyone around.


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  1. WOOPS! Bakeshop, “famous” for their macaroons and cookies, is going into one of the 93 Worth storefronts.