Seen & Heard: “Mystery Show” Podcast

••• Some marvelous old 7-Up signage has been uncovered (sort of) during the conversion of Zoie’s Café on Beach Street into a pizzeria.

old 7-Up signage at Zoies••• Friends of Washington Market Park’s summer concert series kicks off with Astrograss on June 18 and DJ Kai Song on June 25. Full details here.

••• “I was listening to a podcast today and lo and behold, the topic of the show was about a Tribeca mystery,” emails a reader. “It’s very much in the tone of ‘This American Life.’ It’s a quality production. The mystery itself couldn’t be for lower stakes (lost video store, nostalgia) but the part about the guy who works at Walker’s is quite good.” This is actually the second reader to mention this podcast; I tried listening to it the first time, and I just can’t bear the NPR way of speaking, so I gave up. But clearly there’s something appealing there.

••• Newly uncovered 87 Leonard is looking good.

87 Leonard••• Not 100% sure what’s happening here. The building (438-440 Greenwich) is being turned into a sales office for the Related condos at 268 West.