Seen & Heard: The Gayest Street in Tribeca

••• Between costume designer William Ivey Long‘s fabulous window display…

William Ivey Long••• …and the banners touting the Tom of Finland show at Artists Space, Walker Street might be is the gayest street in Tribeca. The banners worked: I went to Artists Space on Greene to check out the show. I’m surprised they found three images to use for the banners—as you might expect (and/or hope), the entire show is rabidly explicit.

Tom of Finland Artists Space banner••• Hey, starving artists: Muse Paintbar is hiring.

Muse Paintbar••• Signs are posted for ad shoots today for Canon (on W. Broadway) and Nordstrom (northwest Tribeca).

••• The Mate Gallery pop-up shop at Grand Banks is essential for anyone who lives vintage maritime stuff, but you may have to fight your way past Grand Banks patrons blocking the way. I thought it was only open through June, but it’s there for the season.

Mate Gallery at Grand Banks••• I do wish developers would spend a little more effort on the tops of their buildings; 2 Renwick really turns institutional as your eye goes up.

2 Renwick••• You know how some cars, including NYPD ones, make the illegal right turn from White to W. Broadway so they can quickly jog left to N. Moore? There’s a slightly more subtle version, as the livery car below demonstrates. You turn left onto W. Broadway, swinging wide so you’re against the far side of the street. Then you back your way up the block (and through the intersection) until you can turn onto N. Moore.

White Street illegal turn1 White Street illegal turn2 White Street illegal turn3 White Street illegal turn4 White Street illegal turn5 White Street illegal turn6 White Street illegal turn7