Seen & Heard: Celebrating Marriage Equality

••• Balloon Saloon really got into the marriage equality spirit yesterday! Thanks to Andrea H. for the photo. Also of note: Houseman’s weather report and Grand Banks’s flag.

Balloon Saloon gay pride by Andrea H••• Speaking of which: It was announced that the spire of 1 World Trade Center would be rainbow-colored on Sunday for Gay Pride, but they appear to have pulled the trigger early. Sometimes this city just gets it so right.

1WTC rainbow••• Arrojo’s huge new salon and school on Hudson opens July 6.

Arrojo••• When I was visiting 100 Barclay, I was naturally drawn to the views—including this one, showing all the trees that Brookfield Place has planted along the West Street side of 225 Liberty.

Brookfield Place trees on West St••• The Spring Street Salt Shed is coming along. It’s going to be funky.

Spring Street Salt Shed



  1. Totally agree — the 1WTC spire last night was perfect. Loved seeing that.

  2. The salt shed looks like a squared of version of the Sydney opera house ;)
    Not thrilled with the location of either the shed nor the garage, but thrilled that the city has the will and apparently the budget to push the designs a bit beyond the usual blah blah norms

  3. I thought the trees were part of the 9A work. When they put them in a few weeks ago some of them had purple flowers and it was lovely, except that it’s still fenced off and you can’t get close enough to see what they are.