Cafeteria Is Out, Serafina is in

cosmopolitan-hotel-by-tribeca-citizenSo much for Cafeteria saying they were still game for the old MaryAnn’s space at Reade and W. Broadway! (Pictured above from back when it wasn’t under plywood.) Instead, the Commercial Observer says that the Serafina chain of Italian restaurants—which we knew was looking around here—”has signed a lease for the entire 5,400-square-foot building at 113 Reade Street between Reade and Chambers Streets, including the rooftop.” (The Community Board 1 meeting about that rooftop ought to be a lively one.) The restaurant will also service the Cosmopolitan Hotel. “This will be the eighth Serafina restaurant in New York City, according to the company’s website, when it opens in spring 2016.” Nothing against Serafina, which I know some people like (never been, myself), but is the era of independent restaurants on the wane?

No word yet on whether the Landmarks–approved proposed design will be used.



  1. Had a salad at their West 55th location. If I had said “please go out and get me the “worst, most unripe and hard” tomato for that salad, that’s what I was served. They should be embarrassed to serve food like that. On their website they say they provide a “whimsical Italian experience”.
    No thanks!!!

  2. I had a great dinner there with my daughter and a few of her friends before a show. The staff were so nice to the kids who absolutely loved their pizza and I was very happy with my meal too.

  3. I’ve eaten at a number of the locations and always had a positive experience. As someone who lives on Reade (just a few doors) down I think they’ll be a good addition to the neighborhood!

  4. I used to live 110 Reade, just across the street. Thought the plan as to tear down that building. Well, it’s great news to hear that it lives!