In the News: Anthropologie Confirms FiDi Store

••• Anthropologie “signed a 15-year, 20,429-square-foot lease on the ground floor and lower level” of 195 Broadway, making it Nobu’s future neighbor. —New York Post

••• “A teenager was caught riding a stolen Citi Bike in Tribeca, cops said. Prince Delice, 17, failed to use a hand signal on Chambers and West streets on June 26 at about 10:10 p.m., according to police. Cops stopped him and contacted Citi Bike, which alerted them the bicycle was reported stolen on May 10, sources said.” He was stopped for not using a hand signal? Is it fair to assume the kid wasn’t white? —New York Post

••• Maybe this is among the reasons that the Steven Alan Home Shop moved to Williamsburg: The retail condo at 158 Franklin changed hands. —RE Business Online

••• DNAinfo followed up on news reports that the Ladder 8 firehouse added a new Ghostbusters emblem. Of note: “The new movie”—with a trio of female ghostbusters—”is now filming in Boston and an FDNY spokesman said that he was not aware of any plans to use the firehouse in the film.”

••• “Wearing nothing but a pair of 1950s-style white heels, artist Nona Faustine poses at various locations around the city, mostly in Lower Manhattan, where slaves were once traded and buried.” —DNAinfo



  1. Oh yes, it is so unfair to profile a teen male popping wheelies on a Citi Bike when theft of Citi Bikes is rampant

    You are so educated and enlightened to point this out to us

    Reminds me of Seinfeld recently saying that dimwits in college just want to use the word racism because it makes them feel smart

  2. White kid or Black?

    I don’t see Whites, Asians or Latinos pulled over for bike infractions. Like all those deliverymen riding bikes with illegal motors. Or those White folk illegally riding on the sidewalk.

  3. Black teenager on a Citibike may as well be Chris Rock driving a Porsche in NJ*

    *pulled over 4 times in two months

  4. I received a $275 ticket for running a red light on a citi bike on Hudson and Duane about a year ago. I am white.

    • Running a red light is not quite the same thing as not using a hand signal. I saw someone do a hand signal the other day and it took me a second to figure out what she was doing because nobody *ever* does them.

  5. I can not understand the police ticket people on bikes running red lights, etc, but do nothing about cars that run red lights, blow through stops signs and often seriously injure or kill people.

  6. True, NYPD could crack down on cars and make mint on tickets for poor driving. But bikers run redlights far more often than cars – and they kill & injure people, too. In the 80s a family friend was killed by a bike messenger running a redlight at Bway in the 50s. Remember that next time you see a bike delivery guy make a left on red going the wrong way in both directions.

    • And remember that when you see bike riders ignoring the traffic signals, en masse, on the Hudson River bike lanes, especially at Houston St.

  7. Why are so many caught up in the race of the bike rider? Was the bike stolen, yes or no? A crime was committed and now the perp was apprehended and charged with grand larceny. End of story.

  8. A twisted tale we over stuffed downtowners can weave.
    The majority of cyclists hardly pose a threat. I Citibike EVERYWHERE & this particular cop was just being mean. The reason why young people can steal the bikes in the 1st place is because riders won’t take 3 or 4 seconds to wait & check to make sure the bike has indeed been docked. These temporary bike thieves also return the bikes to docking stations almost all the time which is terribly polite. PeterD & gggg take a deep breathe, shut your eyes & imagine a time long ago when you were young & restless and had a little piece of this great city to yourself…or don’t!!!

  9. again. This middle aged cyclists “breaks” the rules all the time but I try & not get in anyone’s way or be rude about it. Eric I want to thank you for even having an opinion on this poor kid getting a ticket. TriBeCa has become so polished & sterile. The one thing that puts a smile on my face no matter what my day has been like is to hear & then see 5-15 young. Alive skate boarders rambling down our streets, waking us up a bit!
    As the great Chrissie Hynde sings ” i’ve got a smile for everyone I meet, as long as you don’t try dregging my bay or dropping a bomb on my street so come on baby!!”

  10. Thank you TG for the suggestion of taking a deep breath. Here’s a suggestion for you, try not to over think a simple matter. Stolen bike. Why speculate on the motives of the cop, or the “temporary bike thief” (since May 10th)? Let the matter play out in the system. Although I did enjoy how you put the blame on the original Citibike user and not the thief. A truly classic line of thinking in this town. Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.

    • But the cops didn’t know it was stolen. Do they pull over every Citi Bike rider, just in case? Or just certain ones that look suspicious…?

      • You don’t know the answer to your question. You are speculating because you don’t know what happened. No need for knee jerk assumptions of racism by the cops. Were the cops White? Black? Hispanic? Asian? Male? Female? Transgendered? In uniform? Plain clothes? On duty? Off duty? Did the suspect have priors and maybe the cops recognized him from previous encounters? Is the suspect known as a serial bike thief? We don’t know. The one fact we do know is the bike was stolen. It’s really simple.