Seen & Heard: The Sterling Mason’s Metal Skin

••• First look at the Sterling Mason’s metal skin (i.e., the “sterling” in the name); it’ll wrap the ground floor of the building’s new half.

Sterling Mason metal skin••• Also, judging from the “for rent” signs in the windows, retail will run along the Greenwich side and the eastern part of Laight.

Sterling Mason retail••• More of 290 West has been revealed. I guess they just attach the parts made to look like beams.

290 West••• The Spring Street Salt Shed continues to crystallize.

••• “Just wanted to shoot you an update in case you weren’t able to catch the show,” emailed Gran Morsi‘s Vip Manchanda. “Our executive chef beat Bobby Flay with his meatballs that we serve at the restaurant.” Wouldn’t be my choice of weapon, but whatever works….

••• New York Sports & Joints—a risky combination, I’d think, except maybe for hackysack—has opened on Duane.

New York Sports and Joints