Church Street Tavern Is on Hiatus

Whenever a restaurant takes two weeks off, as Church Street Tavern did during the first half of July, it goes on the watchlist. Sure enough, there’s a new sign in the window: “Church St Tavern will remain closed  through August 31 while we revamp our Kitchen and Lounge Area… Please join us this Fall, for an exciting New Look & New Menu but the same old burger…”

Taking over a space that had seen remarkable turnover, the restaurant got off to a bumpy start, angering the neighbors by using the building’s residential entrance for the downstairs club, Bandits Roost, and then running afoul of the State Liquor Authority for a method of operation downstairs that was not what the license was issued for. But the burger devised by chef Ryan Skeen had picked up good press of late. (No word on whether Skeen is staying through the hiatus.)

We’ll have to see whether it reopens or not. There’s plenty of precedent either way.


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  1. Well… if enough people get food poisoning at your establishment, eventually you’ll have nobody left who wants to eat at your restaurant. Once was enough for me.