In the News: Preview of the New Morton Street Middle School

••• “City officials and community leaders unveiled plans Monday night for the new middle school being built at 75 Morton St. The school is on track to open in the fall of 2017.” —DNAinfo

••• Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld of New York magazine say “one of NYC’s best new burgers is at Church Street Tavern” in part because it includes beef heart. Also, Ryan Skeen is now chef there. (Skeen also did a tour of duty at Los Americanos.)

••• Atera has “a new lounge area […] in the works.” —New York Times

••• “Real Housewives” character Ramona Singer now says she “is not fully lending her name to the AOA Bar & Grill at 35 Sixth Ave., an eatery she invested a ‘small amount’ in,” because she’s “caught in the middle of a messy divorce from husband Mario, who is trying to take her to the cleaners.” —Daily News

••• The one-block bike path cut into the cobblestones on Varick just below Canal is made of granite (!) pavers. —Streetfilms

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  1. The bike lobby is made up of wimps who fear 3 minutes of bumpy ride on cobblestones so demand that DOT do vandalism to historic districts. Historic belgian block makes up a microscopic portion of the streetscape of the Lower Manhattan and NYC overall, and exists mostly in small fragments of existing historic districts where it needs not to be messed with. Why spend public money on this kind of streetwork when it the big scheme of things, it is a complete waste and pandering to the tiniest of lobbies? DOT needs to get its priorities straight and spend money differently.

    Lynn Ellsworth, Tribeca Trust

  2. I have to add that i would never let my child commute to school on that stretch of Varick anyway as it is too exposed to traffic. DOT needs to reread Massengale’s book, “Street Design” to rethink how to build bikes lanes that kids will actually use.

    It is tragic that the bike lobby is so single-minded in what they want and getting their way 100% that they erode their natural allies in the preservation community, people who also favor a human-scaled city.

    This is just ham-fisted implementation of what could have been a great policy for bikes.

    • I wish the Tribeca Trust would be single-minded about getting the existing cobblestone streets repaired and maintained and also get all the crosswalks on cobblestone streets painted with white paint – for the safety of our precious “childs.”. Or is that vandalism?

  3. Lynn – why are you trying to take my title of craziest out of touch ranting curmudgeon?

  4. Isn’t there a family member or friend that can provide an intervention for Lynn? It is really sad that she is sooooo unaware that her very own comments could be used against her to describe her very own single-mindedness of cobblestones. It’s really, really sad. Although, I do love her book suggestions. #LynnE’s(notOprah’s)BookClub