Seen & Heard: Chambers Street Has Been Ripped Up Again

••• “They’ve torn up Chambers again?” tweeted Albert C. Lee, along with this photo. Simultaneous reactions: Can you believe it? And are you surprised? I’ll try to find out from the DDC what’s up. (The cones say the work is yesterday and today.) UPDATE from the DDC: “Con Edison had unforeseen operations that required some excavation on Chambers Street between W. Broadway and Greenwich Street a few months ago and now must repave the entire block. This work was unrelated to the Chambers Street project. The paving is expected to be complete by the end of the day tomorrow, with traffic returning to two-way at that time.” I also asked about the block between Broadway and Church: “The work between Broadway and Church Street is anticipated to be complete by the end of the month.”

••• The Hallmark Battery Park is changing its name to Brookdale Battery Park “to reflect its connection to the Brookdale senior living family and the large network of services it provides for senior adults. Not only is Hallmark Battery Park changing its name, so are other Brookdale communities across New York State.”

••• Maison Kayser is indeed open (at Greenwich and Harrison). I popped in this morning and was overcome with nostalgia for the Harrison.

••• Restaurant “Week” is July 20 through August 14.

••• Benvenuto has gluten-free bagels.

Benvenuto gluten-free bagels••• The storefront on the Reade side of the Reade Chambers (71 Reade) looks like it might be small, and that’s rare around here.

71 Reade storefront


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  1. Finally! Gluten free bagels – Benvenuto I will be popping by. I find it amazing how far behind Tribeca is on gluten free options. I miss Tribeca Pizza’s amazing gluten free pie – if anyone has a strong alternative in the neighborhood.. I have been searching.