Rendering Released for Northwest Tribeca’s Next Huge Building

New York YIMBY got its hands on a blurry rendering of the 13-story Related Companies/Ponte Equities condominium coming to 268 West (which is evidently going to be known as 70 Vestry), where there’s currently a big vacant lot. The rendering comes via Ismael Leyva Architects, but Robert A.M. Stern had been attached to the project (and spotted at the site), so maybe it’s a collaboration. The permits show just 47 units “averaging over 3,000 square feet apiece.” And there’s 800 square feet of retail.

I’m not sure what to think…. There’s an awful lot going on….

UPDATE: “While Ismael Leyva is the architect of record,” clarified YIMBY in an update, “Robert A.M. Stern is the design architect.”

UPDATE: I was dorking around on the Department of Buildings website when I came across the Schedule A for the building. Amenities listed there include: automated parking facility (with nine parking spaces), swimming pool, gym, squash court, and locker rooms (all of which are on the cellar level). And there’s this axonometric diagram, which shows the funky roofline.

70 Vestry axonometric diagram



  1. I thought I was looking at something on the Upper West Side or Battery Park City from the 80’s- horribly oversized, out of place and just plain ugly, 13 stories plus what looks like another 2 stories of mechanicals on the roof. What a slap in the face to the neighborhood!

  2. Poor Robert AM Stern… Pretty sure this is not what he intended it to be. The mechanical superstructure is absolutely hideous….
    Fortunately not nearly as ugly as truffles though…

  3. Ew. No wonder Robert AM Stern didn’t work to go on “record” for that design. Put it back in his hands and let him improve it, please.

  4. I will never understand the architectural choices being made recently for a neighborhood with our history. It’s heartbreaking. But I suppose until the community board, our elected officials and tax payers have more power in blocking such development, all we can do is comment at the bottom of articles like these.

    Change must come on a much larger level in terms of oversight on development in NYC. I don’t think there is another place in America where infrastructure is not created concurrent with development, and development created relatively unchecked, like it is here.

    At least there are only 47 units, and at over 3000 SF each hopefully this wont create more drain on public school seats. For that I suppose we can be grateful.

  5. So very sad!! This truly disgusting and tragic for our neighborhood!! PLEASE improve on this design!!!!