Seen & Heard: The Amenities Planned for 70 Vestry

••• I was dorking around on the Department of Buildings website when I came across the Schedule A for the 13-story building at 70 Vestry (a.k.a. 268 West)—that’s the one whose rendering was released yesterday. Amenities listed include: automated parking facility (with nine parking spaces), swimming pool, gym, squash court, and locker rooms (all of which are on the cellar level). And there’s this axonometric diagram, which shows the funky roofline.

••• Robert Janz has been doing some collage at Reade and W. Broadway….

courtesy Robert Janz••• From Rabbi Darren Levine in response to the recent post about our growing homeless problem: “Tamid has a homeless outreach program that our teens run on a monthly basis. Feel free to spread the word, it’s open to all teens, Jewish or not.”

••• At least they didn’t put it directly in front of Blue Spoon.

Jessica Jones craft services on Chambers••• Walking past 158 Duane, I wondered whether Bikram Yoga NYC was still planning on opening there. Yes, says co-owner Jennifer Lobo Plamondon: “We are hopefully going to start build out by Sept. 1, so hopefully opening by January 1, 2016.”

••• It’s possible I’m extra-cranky because of this infernal heat, but why is corporate vandalism acceptable? (It’s on the Reade sidewalk along Bogardus Garden.) Maybe I should buy a “Tribeca Citizen” stencil.

Drybar••• I got to my phone a bit too late, but apparently this door in the Corbin Building is where at least motorcycle gets parked.

Corbin Building motorcycle••• The Brookfield Place elevator had me flummoxed. I think S might be for street (because it corresponds to street level), but what is L? Loggia? (The elevator is on the eastern side, by the escalators that lead down to the PATH corridor.

Brookfield Place elevator buttons



  1. Lobby?

  2. This is Brookfield Place. Normal rules and conventions do not apply. They are above all that.

  3. James is correct. Erik, there is a third level. Equinox, ICE, and Saks all have locations on the 3rd Floor.

  4. Street and Lobby

  5. S is Canadian for “1” and L is Canadian for “2”

  6. Check out the original plans which called for all of BPC to be accessible from the street above ground level (as in the original bridge entries). Although the plans obviously changed, there are still small holdovers.