In the News: 25-Story Building on Park Row

33-34 Park Row••• A 25-story building will go up at 1 Beekman, where two buildings are to be demolished. Looks like the Beekman Hotel might want to stock up on earplugs…. —New York YIMBY

••• For his new film, Southpaw, Jake Gyllenhaal trained at Church Street Boxing Gym: “I wish I could measure, in buckets, how much I sweated here, he told The New Yorker. “Four shirts every time. Conservatively, I lost eight hundred pounds trying to join my body to my mind.”

••• You can now get a “draft latte” at the Hudson Square location of La Colombe, “which is exactly what it sounds like: a cold, frothy milk-and-coffee combo that pours a little like a Guinness.” —Grub Street

••• Margaret Chin and two other council members “introduced two bills, which would ban the three types of helicopters used by the sightseeing business, which are known as the ‘loudest and most polluting helicopter types in use,’ according to the bills. The legislation would not curtail NYPD, FDNY, media or privately chartered helicopters.” —DNAinfo

••• La Garçonne is having a warehouse sale next week at 101 Wooster. —Racked

••• The New York Times has a 360-degree interactive thingamajig about 2 World Trade Center. It’s helpful in understanding the shape of the building, but remember to keep clicking “continue” or it spins and spins till you get vertigo.