In the News: Eataly and H&M Said to Open by Christmas

••• Wallpaper (still around—I guess I lost that bet) visits the “first American showroom” of Vipp, at 83 Murray. It appears that Vipp makes items for the home, but some of us will think of this. (Photo by Pia Ulin.)

••• Nice to see Arcade Bakery make Bon Appétit’s list of 50 Best New Restaurants. (“Get in the mood for your visit to Arcade Bakery with Google Play Music’s French Hip Hop radio.” Cheesy! And strange! And shouldn’t that be labeled as sponsored?) Also on the list, another place I’m extremely  fond of: Semilla in Williamsburg.

••• Every time a Silverstein Properties building at the World Trade Center signs a lease, Steve Cuozzo of the New York Post writes an article about how downtown is on fire. One would have to be quite cynical to see it as a quid pro quo for info such as this: “Sources deep inside the [WTC] complex said the new Eataly will open before Christmas.” Or this: “It was also understood that H&M […] will be among stores likely to open this year, on the second floor of 4 WTC.”

••• “The first baby born at the new World Trade Center was delivered at 2:36 a.m. on Tuesday on a PATH concourse inside the $3.9 billion transportation hub designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.” —New York Times

••• Citi Bike “recently installed two docking stations on the Island, which are set to activate today.” —DNAinfo