Seen & Heard: The Bubble Lounge Appears to Have a New Tenant

••• Macy Gray is playing City Winery on Nov. 24 and 25.

••• Something is happening in the former Bubble Lounge space; the “for rent” signs are down and workers are all over it. Let’s not get scooped, people: Tell me what you know at or 917-209-6473.

Bubble Lounge••• An update to the posts about JR’s dancer mural that you may have missed: “This image is of the amazing New York City Ballet Principal Dancer, Lauren Lovette,” comments Fredrick. “In 2014, JR and NYCB collaborated on an installation at the Company’s Lincoln Center home out of which grew other work, including a film, Les Bosquets, that was directed by JR and feature Ms. Lovette and Lil’ Buck.” Here’s a teaser, and below is the mural from another angle.

JR mural from Church••• Ed Burns’s series “Public Morals,” parts of which were shot around here, debuts on TNT on August 25.

••• So many film and advertising shoots!

—The “Elementary” TV show about Sherlock Holmes shooting today; flyers on Church.
—Something called “Solutions” shooting yesterday and today; flyers on Laight.
—Something called “BCS” shooting on Monday and Tuesday; flyers also on Church.

••• The forthcoming Rosa Mexicano is hiring, so perhaps it’ll open soon.

Rosa Mexicano


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