The Salt Shed Is a Standout

Spring Street Salt Shed from Canal3I probably should’ve waited till the Spring Street Salt Shed is completed before posting this, but what the hell—if you can’t get excited every now and then, what’s the point of blogging? Go check it out in person, if you haven’t already—and walk all the way around, so you can see how its shape seems to change. Even though the building’s West Street side is still covered up, it’s not too soon to call this one a winner. Who would’ve guessed that the best new building in this area in years would be used to store road salt—and that the runner-up would be the the Manhattan Districts 1/2/5 Sanitation Garage across the street? (The fences around the garage have finally come down; there’s a pic at the end of the post.) Both are by Dattner Architects, which deserves some sort of civic award for pulling this off.

P.S. Back in February of 2014, when I posted renderings of the salt shed, I included a description that said it’d have “a glazed moat that will be illuminated at night.” That still gives me pause, but we’ll have to hope for the best.

As seen from Canal:

Spring Street Salt Shed from Canal Spring Street Salt Shed from Canal2 Spring Street Salt Shed from Canal5From Spring:

Spring Street Salt Shed from Spring Spring Street Salt Shed from Spring2And the Sanitation Garage (I couldn’t get the whole thing because I had to quickly run all the way into West Street):

Soho Sanitation Garage



  1. Erik,

    The salt shed is really interesting. Kudos to the architects for coming up with the design and also to the city (and taxpayers) for having the foresight to fund it.

    Instead of what could have been a simple boring square box we have a pretty inspiring and functional unique design object!

    Q: Is what we are seeing the final finishes or is there more to be done in that regard.

    I do look to the glazed moat with great anticipation… Hoping it’s not tacky and a suitable accompaniment to Le Castle Moderne!

  2. Thanks for posting… My husband’s job (concrete supervisor) he is very proud of this project– definitely nothing quite like it

    • Erik, thanks for the details…. Can’t wait for the finish…

      Jennifer it is unique… Congratulations to your husband and his team.
      I hope the city does more of these types of works!

  3. I agree. These are the best additions to this part of the neighborhood. Really beautifully done compared to some of the more recent “developer” properties. Ironic considering all the handwringing over them for years.

  4. Is ‘West Street’ a more elegant attempt at referring to the West Side Highway?

    • According to Google Maps, the road is West Street up to Midtown, when it becomes 12th Ave. and then the Henry Hudson Parkway. (And in my mind, highways don’t have traffic signals.)

  5. Worth the hard work, nice to see how its coming out.

  6. I certainly agree with Manny!