In the News: The SeaGlass Carousel Is a Hit

••• I went to the Battery yesterday to ride the SeaGlass carousel, but the line was really long (people waited for an hour or more, says DNAinfo). Maybe I’ll try again in the fall. In the meantime, check out Curbed‘s preview or maybe think of the experience as one you’re better off going into relatively blind. (I did laugh at this from Design Hunting: “One approaches the SeaGlass Carousel by walking through the perennials and the ornamental grasses of the 12,000-sqare-foot Tiffany & Co. Foundation Woodland Gardens….” There must be another entryway, because I approached it by dodging tourists, buses, and jackhammering construction workers.) Photo by Filip Wolak.

••• Zandy Hartig wrote an entertaining mini-memoir about working at the Odeon, Bar Odeon, and Edward’s in the 90s. (Thanks to Jammysod for pointing it out.) On the Odeon:

If it wasn’t too busy, I liked to hold the babies for the parents so they could have a chance to eat unburdened. And I loved talking to the older kids, sometimes on the green bench outside. I was particularly close with one 6 year old, Isa. She had bright eyes and cocked her head at me like a sparrow when we talked. One time I asked Isa if she’d just gotten her ears pierced and she replied, “Zandy, I got them pieced a month ago! Where have you been?” Last summer, as I was running along the Hudson River, a tall, young woman called out to me. Same face, same expression but on an adult. Isa was graduating college. She had exactly the same sweet, inquisitive spirit. I was thrilled she remembered me and unnerved by the rapid pace of time.

••• “Stephen Starr plans to open a restaurant in a new SoHo hotel being developed by real estate mogul Aby Rosen. […] Starr’s restaurant is planned for the ground floor of the old Holiday Inn SoHo at 138 Lafayette St., which is being developed by Rosen.” The hotel will be called 11 Howard; and that area had such a sleepy charm. —DNAinfo