Chik-fil-A Is Planning a Huge FiDi Restaurant

144 FultonYou know that funky building at 144 Fulton, right next to Fulton Center, that was recently sold? I hear that Chick-fil-A is planning to build a three-story restaurant there, complete with rooftop seating. I can’t abide Chick-fil-A for three reasons, so this may be the last you hear from me about it. (Since you asked: Anti–gay rights, anti–humane treatment of animals, and anti–correct spelling.) There are at least two other locations in the works: 37th and Sixth (opening Oct. 3) and 46th and Sixth.



  1. I too will not be patronizing this business for two reasons. 1) Their anti-Gay bigotry is well established and I refuse to give them any of my money. 2) I have a rule against eating in fast food restaurants at home. Only when I’m traveling and it’s usually Popeye’s! :-)

  2. Will they serve gay people?

  3. I’d rather starve than give this bigot my money.