Seen & Heard: Givenchy’s Patchwork Corrugated Metal Arena

••• The Givenchy show at the end of Pier 26 on Sept. 11 will be inside an arena of patchwork corrugated metal. Click to see it larger.

Givenchy runway on Pier 26••• Gran Morsi starts serving lunch tomorrow (Tuesday). Here’s the menu and a pic of the recently renovated downstairs private-event space, which my co-op has rented for meetings and it worked quite well (although I wish the board would authorize the serving of cocktails).

Gran Morsi lunch menuGran Morsi downstairs private room••• Despite the rumor otherwise, the Food Emporium is still open, which is good. Every time I go, I see empty patches of shelving, but the store doesn’t seem to get emptier—the patches just move around. Has it always been thus? I usually ask if the staff has heard anything, and I think they’re getting tired of being asked.

••• Opening Sept. 11 at Patrick Parrish: “A series of new ceramic sculptures by Cassie Griffin. Pots as bricks, with which to build, break, compose and deconstruct. From elegant, neutral forms to gnarled, flattened vessels, this exhibition will display two approaches to production, vertical: the concept of the shell, performed as pot, incised and charmed into a classical sculpture narrative. Sitting beneath this the horizonta: flattened by their own weight, pulling material down, gravity generating a pool in which Griffin catches the detritus of building up, a collage, making fertile the horizontal.”

Cassie Griffin sculpture courtesy Patrick Parrish••• The roof decks atop Bar Hugo, atop Hotel Hugo, appear to be open. I wonder why the hotel put that big black screen in front of the mechanicals and water towers…?