Seen & Heard: Shake Shack Signage

••• I got excited when I saw the S at the Fulton Center—I thought for sure that the forthcoming Shake Shack must be going in that part (upstairs, above the building’s northwest corner). Then I walked halfway around the concourse, and there’s zero sign of anything in the upstairs northwest corner part, so I’m assuming they were just testing signage (and no doubt trying to make it visible from the street).

Shake Shack S at Fulton Center••• Peck Slip School, opening tomorrow, looks great! I suspect other media outlets got a sneak peek of the inside, so I’ll keep an eye out.

Peck Slip School••• Looie, the restroom app, found another partner: Kaffe 1668.

Looie at Kaffe 1668 North••• WTC Progress tweeted that the stretch of Greenwich Street sidewalk between Liberty and Cedar is now open to pedestrians. Every little bit helps.

Greenwich between Liberty and Cedar••• Pace University’s garden on Frankfort was a nice surprise.

Pace Garden on Frankfort St



  1. Looie restrooms made Kaffe so much more pleasant….in both locations.

    We bring our daughter there with us now- swanky baby changing table too.

    Where are all the other loctions? Anyone know? Why are there so many secrets Tribeca!?

  2. The full Shake Shack sign had been there for months (years?). Maybe Shake Shack got tired of waiting and backed out? Curious that it’s taking so long to get retail in there.

    • Good tidings! Additional Shake Shack signage, with enhancements, and additional signage on the oculus side of the ring. (What are we calling that? The Sky Box?) The lone “S” is still there, too. No food yet. Everybody breathe.

  3. Shake Shack is (and always was) scheduled to open in late 2016.