Seen & Heard: The Salt Shed Is Fully Exposed

••• The plywood around the Spring Street Salt Shed has come down, and the building looks marvelous. There was initially talk of a “glazed moat illuminated at night,” but I didn’t see any evidence of such a thing (unless the grating around the building has lights underneath).

Spring Street Salt Shed1 Spring Street Salt Shed3••• ROC‘s annual Halloween party has a theme: movies. Start planning your costume….

••• It’s nice to see that Frank Stella wrote a letter on behalf of the Tribeca Trust’s efforts to expand the historic districts before it’s too late.

Frank Stella letter to LPC••• Behold 290 West, the new building at the southeast corner of Canal.

290 West••• Something seemed different about PJ Charlton, the Italian restaurant at 549 Greenwich (at Charlton), but I couldn’t put my finger on it. There signs are new, of course, but maybe it also got spiffed up?

PJ Charlton Italian restaurant 549 Greenwich••• WTC Progress tweeted a photo of pavers being installed at Liberty Park in the World Trade Center complex.

Liberty Park courtesy WTC Progress


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  1. Can they not make the salt shed exterior surface a rock climbing wall open to the public (or operated by a third party rock climbing course company = more $ for government)? It would be an amazing dual use for the structure, and the holes in the concrete almost look like they were ready made for rock wall features and obstacles…