Seen & Heard: A Peek Inside the Bennett Bar

••• If the Bennett, the bar taking the place of Petite Abeille, didn’t want us to peek in, it would’ve papered the door, right?

The Bennett••• The website for E.Tay Gallery at 39 White says it opened in September, but I guess I missed that. It’s named after artist Eng Tay, whose website says he still has a studio there.

••• Today, “Law & Order: SVU” is back shooting in the Broadway/Chambers area.

••• And tomorrow (Tuesday), “Gotham” is shooting in the W. Broadway/Warren area.

••• Nish Nush is starting the friends-and-family warm-up for its new FiDi location (41 John) this week, so it should be open to the public soon.

••• I guess that’s where the hoist for Citigroup’s revamp of its headquarters is going.

Citigroup hoist



  1. Photo looks more like where HRP hasn’t finished the park yet (ever). More likely I think the hoist would be in grassy area on NE corner of N. Moore & West Streets, on Citi’s property, not across a major “highway.”