Seen & Heard: The Food Emporium Is Emptying Out Fast

••• I’ll be surprised if the Food Emporium stays open till Nov. 21—many shelves are totally bare. Still no word on whether Key Food will step in.

Food Emporium••• I was watching “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” the other night—looking for something on Netflix is so depressing I just push “select” at some random point—and was surprised to see several exterior shots in Tribeca/Hudson Square.

••• The Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour (TOAST) has a show of black-and-white art at One Art Space from November 5 through 12.

••• A wish list from the Housing Works Thrift Shop on Chambers.

Housing Works wish list••• The annual canned-good sculpture show “Canstruction” is Nov. 5-16 at Brookfield Place.

••• More Brookfield Place updates: The Davidoff cigar store will be on the ground floor, next to Hermès; Club Monaco’s men’s store will be on the upper level of the Vesey pavilion, while the women’s shop will be downstairs; there’s still no sign of life at what was supposed to be Calypso St. Barth (or what was Posman Books), and there’s no mention of a Brookfield Place store on Calypso’s or Brookfield Place’s website; I’m dying to know what’s happening in the little storefront at Vesey and North End (with Parm on either side).

Davidoff Brookfield PlaceClub Monaco men's Brookfield PlacePosman Books and Calypso or not at Brookfield PlaceBrookfield Place mystery by Parm


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  1. I happened to be in Union Square yesterday and went into the nearby Food Emporium: empty shelves everywhere: it is closing too!