In the News: Jet-Pack Ride Around the Statue of Liberty

••• This video is pretty cool: “In a 10-minute jaunt, aviator and inventor David Mayman flew [JetPack Aviation’s] JB-9 jetpack around the Statue of Liberty.” —DNAinfo

••• Tribeca Trib‘s recap of the CB1 FiDi Committee meeting where Eataly requested for an 8 a.m. liquor license (but only got 11 a.m.) includes a floor plan. If you save the image elsewhere—such as dragging it onto your desktop—you can make it large enough to read the type.

••• A Racked writer tested out City Pole.

••• “A shish-kebab vendor [at Liberty and West] was robbed at knifepoint last week.” —DNAinfo

••• “Join Stop the Chop and the anti-tourist helicopter legislation’s sponsors New York City Council Member’s Margaret Chin, Carlos Menchaca and Helen Rosenthal right before the hearing for a rally on Thursday, November 12 at noon on the steps of City Hall.” —Broadsheet

••• “At Prince and Greene Streets […] a monumental, pioneering mural that was begun in 1974 by the artist Richard Haas has been dying a slow and painfully public death. What Mr. Haas intended as a playful trompe l’oeil extension of a 19th-century cast-iron facade at 112 Prince Street now looks like a battleground where work crews, graffiti vandals and natural entropy vie to see which can inflict the most insult.” —New York Times

••• “The Scene Inside Tribeca Grill’s 25th Anniversary Party.” —New York