Seen & Heard: Laura Bush Dropped By

••• Laura Bush stopped by Baked. (I hope they tucked a copy of Mouthfeel magazine inside.)

••• Caterina Roiatti of TRA Studio tweeted this shot from inside the distinctive corner window on the top floor of 173 W. Broadway (at Worth).

••• I stopped by the Matt Bernson boutique today for a little gift-guide research—more on that later—and I was delighted to see that Matt has a lot more (non-shoe) leather goods and jewelry. Plus, he’s opening a store in Westport this Friday. (The sign in the photo says that if you’re caught shoplifting you’ll be arrested and they’ll call your mom.)

••• Info on the Battery Park City Authority’s notable attempt to engage with its constituency (and note the future meeting dates)….

BPCA public meeting••• Fountain Pen Hospital‘s annual holiday expo starts tomorrow: “Representatives of over 25 pen manufacturers will be displaying and selling their complete collections and previewing a number of soon-to-be-released fine writing instruments.”



  1. i’m sorry but 173 west broadway is a poster child for why we need a bigger landmark district. the corner window is an atrocity.

  2. I love that corner window. I think it is an example of why we need to protect the neighborhood without creating a 19th Century museum. Modernity, per se, is not the culprit. Vulgarity and greed is.

  3. The BPCA meeting is notable only as a band aid approach to the bad press they have had and community frustration. It is a public relations move. They have no requirement to listen or abide by any local feedback. They have 3 board members whose terms have expired and 1 totally vacant seat and yet residents cannot get more local stakeholders inside the Ivory tower. BPCA has total control and makes changes as the board chairs wants to leave his mark…irrespective of community or elected official requests…

  4. I like the window. In a way, it helps make the original design of the rest of the building more alive. Brings a nice visual tension. Just right.