Seen & Heard: Acting Classes for Kids

••• Neat drawing of Washington Street by artist Nick Golebiewski.

••• I’m pretty sure no one in my building can afford a $50 million property, but thanks for the postcard.

Skybridge postcard••• Kate’s Kids appears to be offering acting classes at the Drama League (32 Sixth Ave.). Below: a scene from Jean Genet’s The Maids. (Kidding.) You might want to make sure this won’t just make them better liars….

Kates Kids Acting••• The Valley National Bank branch at Church and Franklin didn’t get a reprieve; it’s being emptied out today.

••• Check out this great stop-motion animation of Cass Lilien’s robot pendants; it was made by Cass, Leo Fishman Janowitz, and Henry Lilien. (It’s much longer so I made a GIF of it.)

••• TV show “Blue Bloods” is shooting in the Church/Duane area tomorrow (Friday).

••• David Weeks Studio is having a sample sale at its Brooklyn studio tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 4) from noon to 8 p.m. You can expect lighting samples, furniture, and some accessories and toys (including MR B). Cash and checks only. It’s at 68 Jay St. (in Brooklyn!), Suite 612A.



  1. Speaking of junk mail from real estate agents, is there a way to get them to stop sending it? Years ago I asked to get off the mailing list of a particularly egregious one to no avail.

  2. Speaking of shit, could the Tribeca Trust stop trashing the neighborhood with their “Stop Demolishing Tribeca” posters? Can the city fine them for that? It’s no better than the immature, look-at-me-please-look-at-me-Triraq-ers. It’s time for everyone to grow up. Except me.