Shop-Local Gift Guide (Part 4)

If you’re late to this particular party, the point of the Shop-Local Gift Guide is to remind you that Tribeca is still a fantastic place to shop. I’ve included items that caught my eye, but I wasn’t price-sensitive, so please don’t comment about how expensive something is or I’ll delete your comment.


••• Robot pendants (made almost entirely from recycled parts), $350-$700
••• Pill pendants, with a diamond on one side and “chill” on the other, $250
Harrison between Greenwich and Hudson

Cass Lilien robot pendantsCass Lilien chill pill pendants••••••••••••••••

••• Incredibell Bellini bell, $18 (I’m thinking of wearing one as a ring so I can get other pedestrians out of my way)
••• Topeak Weatherproof Ridecase for iPhone, $90
Reade between Church and W. Broadway

Incredibell Bellini at Gotham Bikes Topeak Ridecase at Gotham Bikes••••••••••••••••

••• MR B figurine (folds into a cube), $225
••• Shell bowl ($150 and $175)
Walker between Church and Broadway

Mr B at David Weeks Studio shell dish at David Weeks Studio••••••••••••••••

It’s a classic! Check out all the options here.

TC shirt••••••••••••••••

••• Special-edition striped bag (I think this is the only one in North America), $398
••• Suede handbag, $298
Franklin between W. Broadway and Church

Joy Gryson bag Joy Gryson bag2••••••••••••••••

••• Simon, $30 (and there are many other retro toys and games—hello, Mad Libs!)
••• Pop! figurines, $12
••• Special Gift: Fake Poop in a Box, $10 (I know someone who’s getting this)
W. Broadway and Duane

Balloon Saloon SimonBalloon Saloon Walking Dead figurineBalloon Saloon poop in a box••••••••••••••••

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  1. A warning to all to not buy a Christmas tree from the lot on Greenwich St near Chambers (Soho Trees) I picked out a tree this morning and arranged delivery with the guy and that I what I was to pay when it was delivered. No one showed up for 3 hours so I called the main office who straightened it all out (the new tree showed up 2 hours later) After the guys set the tree up they told me it was $445!!!! double what I was originally told. I explained that was double what I was told by the guy in the lot- they said that was ‘the night guy who didn’t know how things worked’ and that this was how much *this tree cost. The only option they had for me not paying $445 was for them to take the tree down and take it back and to find me a tree that was only $225 and then arrange another delivery time. I was already late for my train and since I was already 5 hours into it was these guys I paid the ridiculous amount ONLY IN TRIBECA! I KNOW!…I am obviously an IDIOT for paying this much for a tree but I felt stuck. I can only share this experience and recommend that your readers not go to this lot for their tree..or at least get it in writing the agreed upon amount before delivery.

  2. good to know Julie- I’ll go to the tree guy on Leonard instead.

    • Their prices are indeed painful. We’d like to support an independent vendor, but their prices are so high that we went with a tree from Whole Foods once again this year. Sorry to hear about your experience, Julie – may you fully enjoy that tree!