Seen & Heard: Maman Is Open

••• Maman opened today (and not Wednesday as reported to the New York Times). UPDATE: I just stopped by for a coffee and a slice of pistachio cake. It looks fantastic! Only the front half (café) is open; the back (waiter service) will open later this week, so let’s wait till then for the full report. In the meantime, you’ll find pastries, sandwiches, quiche, and more along those lines. (It’s in the former Maslow 6 space next to Distilled, if you’ve joined us late.)

Maman Tribeca ••• Mike Whitting’s Untitled (Plane) has been installed at Finn Square. It’s a bit smaller than I expected.

Untitled (Plane) by Mike Whitting••• If you like hachiya persimmons, get to Chinatown: The vendors on Worth Bayard have luscious ones.

hachiya persimmons••• “Looks like some progress at Serafina,” emailed M. “I hadn’t noticed anything doing for some time but they recently re-built and re-surfaced the roof of the building.”

Serafina by M••• Manhattan Youth’s toy and clothing drive is now on. Details:

Manhattan Youth toy drive••• The former Albella restaurant space at 10 Reade (at Elk) is going to be a pre-K facility.

pre-K M453 10 Reade



  1. just visited maman tribeca and it’s beautiful and delicious! and very reasonably priced**** will be making this lovely place a habit for sure….

  2. Unfortunately the Maman doesn’t have stroller access. They made a big deal in NYT about being friendly to strollers but we went by this morning and weren’t able to get in due to all of the stairs. No one was by the entrance who could help. Hopefully they will figure something out!

  3. Maman recommendation: Try the lavender hot chocolate.