Seen & Heard: Donna Ferrato’s Tribeca Portfolio

••• Photographer Donna Ferrato’s “fourth bi-annual Tribeca Limited Edition 2014 Portfolio is finished and ready for view. Each box consists of thirteen silver gelatin photographs, stamped with Donna’s official logo (‘10013’) and contextual words hand-written. This year’s portfolio was curated by the late, incredible photographer Mary Ellen Mark. The photographs capture the changing story of Tribeca with a steadfast quiet patience.” You can reach her at

••• I’m still on the fence about the meal-delivery service Maple (it’s efficient and a good value, but I wish it was a bit better, and I don’t know how stoned you have to be to enjoy those cookies), but Adam really likes it, so we’ve had it quite a bit. Anyway, I just received a promotional email offering a few people credit for a free meal. You have to live in the delivery zone (which you probably do if you’re reading this) and you can’t have used Maple before. Shoot me an email at if you want it. UPDATE: The credits are taken.

••• The Kaffe 1668 between Warren and Murray has expanded its made-to-order food options. You have to admire the margin on that oatmeal….

Kaffe 1668••• Press release: “Local Roots NYC, a vibrant food hub that connects New Yorkers to local foods, is launching their first brick and mortar operation in the historic Seaport District. The Local Roots NYC General Store is part of the Fulton Stall Market, a community marketplace for local foods. The store features high quality small batch products made by fellow New Yorkers, members of the Local Roots CSA, and residents of the Seaport.”

••• Speaking of the Fulton Stall Market: From December 22 to January 10, it’ll be home to an exhibit of Naima Rauam‘s watercolors and drawings of the Fulton Fish Market.

••• When I was going on about the hachiya persimmons in Chinatown, I said I bought them on Worth, but it was actually Bayard.

••• At Eataly two weeks ago, I was totally impressed—especially by the produce, including greens far fresher and more varied than anything we get around here. I mentioned to my in-laws how much of a treat it’ll be to have Eataly nearby (assuming the 4 World Trade Center location focuses on being a store as much as a collection of restaurants); consequently, they bought me a gift card for Christmas. Which is swell! But a heads-up for anyone considering an Eataly gift card: The one I received, possibly because it was purchased online, is only usable online—where the selection pales dramatically in comparison. I emailed a complaint to Eataly—because having gift cards work both online and in-store is the industry standard these days—but I have yet to hear back. UPDATE 12/17: Just heard from a PR rep that “we do honor online gift cards for in-store use. You can just bring the online gift card to our Guest Relations desk and they will be able to take care of you.” Great news, and possibly worth clarifying on the email recipients receive.



  1. Totally agreed on Maple. I love the business, but the food leaves a lot to be desired. I sent them feedback that I’d be willing to pay a higher price point for higher quality food and those who agree should do the same. I feel like they are a dynamic start-up that might actually take that kind of feedback into account.

  2. I agree. A terrific business idea that desperately needs the food to measure up to the service. I honestly thought it would be the other way around before I received my first meal. Having said that, we order Maple a lot…mostly for convenience while working, but the food needs improvement. Some of it is really terrific and healthy but when they go wrong, they go wrong BIG. I’m STILL chewing a piece of beef from a week ago… they not know how to either tenderize or braise meat? A chew fest.
    The cookies are a greasy atrocity….we have a stack here that no one will touch after they’ve tried one. Nothing to brag about and now they are selling them for Christmas? They can save $$$$ by allowing us to check off whether we want the free cookie. Ugh!

  3. I love that painting of the Fulton Fish Market with the fish tails flopping about. Thanks for posting it, Erik.