Seen & Heard: Empty Storefronts With the Most Potential

••• Damn it, answer the Best of New Tribeca survey now! (Trying the “firm hand” tactic….) The sooner we get to an acceptable number of responses, the sooner I’ll stop pestering you about it.

••• “I know there’s been a lot of coverage about all the empty storefronts in the neighborhood,” emailed S. “Seems like there is at least one new announcement every day (RIP City Hall) and some that have been empty for a surprisingly long time. Curious to hear your take on which long-vacant locations you are most surprised/perplexed about. Obviously rent is the key factor but there are certain high-traffic locations (e.g. the former Super Linda space) that I can’t believe have remained unoccupied as long as they have.” I’m no expert on commercial real estate, but I think the two main factors, far and away, are high rents and low foot traffic (even in relatively busy areas). That said, besides Super Linda, the spaces that came to mind are below. Feel free to weigh in, of course.

—The former Manhattan Books store on Chambers: Chambers is so ripe for the mass-market chainification that’s happening all over the city.
—The former Saluggi’s Sandwich Shoppe space at Lispenard and Church (below): The out-the-door line at La Colombe proves that there are people in northeast Tribeca (and most of them work in the AT&T Long Distance Building across the street).
—The former Yuya nail salon at Greenwich and Reade: It’s a tiny space in a neighborhood with few of them, and that part of Greenwich is Tribeca parent central.
—Finally, I can’t believe the former Ruum store on W. Broadway won’t rent soon, because that’s such a prestige spot that someone is going to think it’s worth it, whatever the rent.

former Saluggi's Sandiwch Shoppe••• The dining room at Maman will open this weekend for brunch, then shift to all-day service on Monday.

••• Great news for us early risers: The Django, the jazz club at the Roxy Hotel, now has music starting at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays. Waiting to hear who’s playing next week. UPDATE: It’s bassist Dezron Douglas’s trio, and the rep asked me to remind you that there’s neither a cover nor a minimum.

••• Save the date: Jeff Zimmerman has another show at R & Company opening on Jan. 19. The last one was spectacular.



  1. The old Baluchi’s space across from Hell Foods. Perfect for a liquor store, but prob too close to a school. Also: As storefronts go vacant, the graffiti is coming back. Soon, for a short window, the neighborhood will look like it once did long ago.

  2. the old New York Sports Club space on Reade and Greenwich? Incredible that’s still empty. Greedy landlords, they’re killing our hood.

  3. A reader posted on FiDi Fan Page that the NYSC on Wall Street’s lease expires in June and they are in negotiations for renewal, but it may not happen. If not, they hope to reopen elsewhere in the area as the only other remaining NYSC is the one on Broadway and Vesey.

  4. I would love to see Bazzinni (sp?) return with a small shop just selling the the nuts and gift baskets. I could see it in the little space on Greenwich where Yuya nails was or the tiny space on Jay St. where the tea shop used to be. I miss those pistachios!