Another Pret a Manger in Tribeca

Chambers vacant storefront3And I was just talking about the chainification of Chambers…. From the Commercial Observer:

British fast-food chain Pret A Manger […] has signed a 3,500-square-foot lease for a new eatery at the 184-room Cosmopolitan Hotel [….] Its new location, which is expected to open early next year and will be the 42nd Manhattan Pret A Manger, will occupy 2,300 square feet on the ground floor and 1,200 square feet in the basement of the property between Church Street and W. Broadway.

I confirmed with the hotel that Pret is taking both of the storefronts on Chambers. Also, the Commercial Observer says this is Pret’s first outpost in Tribeca, but there’s also one at Broadway and Thomas and, as Anonymous pointed out in the comments, another one at Church and Park Place.



  1. There’s also a Pret at Park Place and Church Street.

    • That’s true! Added to the text.

      • I guess that depends on where you consider the borders of Tribeca to be.

        • To me the borders of TriBeCa are as follows:

          North: South side of Canal Street
          South: North side of Vesey Street
          East: West side of Broadway
          West: East side of West Street

          • According to CB1, the Financial District’s northern border is the south Side of Murray. Tribeca’s southern boundary is the north side. Though personally, I include everything south of Chambers as the Financial District. :-)

          • Below Chambers Street to the World Trade Center site is not FiDi cuz then you’re saying PS 234 which is right below Chambers (being below the sidewalk and the street) is not part of TriBeCa and that’s ridiculous.

            TriBeCa’s southern border is Vesey cuz that’s where the top of the World Trade Center site is. How can you start the northern border of FiDi with a nondescript street like Murray?

          • Xavier, It’s Easy! The COMMUNITY BOARD has the boundary at Murray. Case closed. That said, I personally set the boundary at Chambers, because I agree that the boundary should be an important Street and I’ve chosen Chambers. You can pick whichever street you like. :-)

          • Case closed? First off who died and made you the one to decide what the boundaries of TriBeCa are? You don’t even live in TriBeCa, you live in FiDi. ‘Pretty presumptous of you to set boundaries for a neighborhood you don’t even live in.

            I could care less what CB1 says, they’re wrong. I have been living in TriBeCa for over 40 years and TriBeCa is bordered by Canal, West, Broadway, and Vesey and PS 234 is part of TriBeCa “case closed”. Vesey makes more sense as a southern boundary because it’s right above the WTC site.

            Under your definition of FiDi Raccoon Lodge is part of FiDi – ridiculous. I think RL would beg to differ.

          • Another thing:

            When people think of the FiDi, they think of Wall Street. Chambers to Vesey is nowhere close to Wall Street.

            Also common sense says when you enter the WTC site you are officially in FiDi.

  2. I see nothing wrong with this. We could really use a cheap convenient place. Harried providers of childcare in particular are going to be very happy, including the one I live with.