A Modern Australian Restaurant Is Opening in Tribeca

The Butterfly Flinders LaneAccording to a liquor-license hearing noticed in the window, East Village Australian restaurant Flinders Lane is opening a second location at the former Butterfly space at 225 W. Broadway (White/Franklin). The original, which opened on Avenue A in early 2014, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner; we’ll have to wait to see if the Tribeca outpost follows suit (which would place it even more directly in competition with Two Hands, opening on Church). From the restaurant’s website:

Flinders Lane is the essence of Modern Australian cuisine where cultures collide in the most delicious way. We take inspiration from the cuisines of nearby Southeast Asia and subtle influence from the food of British settlers mixed with that of Greek and Italian immigrants. A wide array of fresh seafood and a multitude of fruits and vegetables year round combined with the Australian attitude: No fussing, no over thinking, just bold, streamlined food made with the best ingredients available and a laser focus on flavor. This is the essence of Melbourne’s cultural heritage.

“The food here has moments of exoticism but sides with accessibility,” wrote New York Times “Hungry City” critic Ligaya Mishan in a review. “In fact, the dish I most adored here was the sausage roll, with peppery ground pork (a special blend courtesy of the British grocer Myers of Keswick, in the West Village) wrapped in an impeccably flaky, buttery, Platonic ideal of a puff pastry. It wasn’t deconstructed, elevated or fussed with. Just perfected.”

The photos and menus below are from the East Village location. At the Community Board 1 Tribeca meeting on Jan. 13, we’ll find out how closely the forthcoming restaurant hews to the original.

Flinders Lane barFlinders Lane roomFlinders Lane foodFlinders Lane lambFlinders Lane breakfast and lunch menu Flinders Lane dinner menu


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  1. Wandered over to the Ave A location today and gave this place a shot. Great food and think it will be a popular addition to the neighborhood if it’s anything like the original location.

    We need to break the restaurant curse on 225 W. Broadway. How many different places has it been?