In the News: Salt Shed Rave

Spring Street Salt Shed2••• New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman raves about the new sanitation garage and salt shed on West Street, saying of the latter, “I can’t think of a better public sculpture to land in New York.” He’s not wrong! But the lede rankled a bit. Any neighborhood in the city would’ve fought against having these facilities nearby, since there was no guarantee they’d turn out as well as they did. And when the protesting is by famous people, of course, the media is guaranteed to cover it—so chiding the celebrities for NIMBYism when the media is part of that equation seems disingenuous. Also: Who knew that the south side of the sanitation garage lights up in different colors? Click the NYT link to see a photo of it. P.S. Love the correction: “An earlier version of the headline with this article referred imprecisely to the site of the complex. It is on the northern edge of TriBeCa, not in TriBeCa.” Although, is the south edge of Soho actually the same thing as the north edge of Tribeca? or is it across the street from it?

••• “Private security officers now patrol Battery Park City’s parks. The ‘BPC Ambassadors’ from AlliedBarton Security Services, hard-to-miss in fluorescent-yellow jackets, began making their rounds on Friday, Dec. 18.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “The old Borders space at 2 Pennsylvania Plaza is getting a new food court with stalls from Marc Forgione” and other chefs. “Forgione will operate a stall called The Lobster Press, which will serve a sandwich version of his famed chili lobster dish, as well as bisque, seafood salad, and fresh-squeezed juice.” —Eater

••• Purple has a few photos of the Tribeca studio of artist Andrew Pope. At least I don’t think there’s text…?

••• Former North End Grill pastry chef Tracy Obolsky is now at Cookshop in Chelsea. —Eater

••• Cafe Arte, “a sandwich and salad shop with a taste of Korea is opening a second location in the Financial District.” —DNAinfo