The World Trade Center Light Show

Every now and then, when the sun is shining and there’s some haze in the air, 1 World Trade Center (and 4WTC, at least once) put on a crazy light show.

By Lockhart Steele:

By Allison Finston:

By @altafsharif:

By @MezcalPhD:

By Tribeca Citizen:

1 World Trade Center light showAnd here are four shots—the first two by Andrea (taken on consecutive days), the second two by @jpp9jpp9—of the sun casting shadows from behind 1 World Trade Center.

If you see the towers doing anything like this, please send over a shot!



  1. Eric, we face north and have been experiencing the same shower of light from both the Jenga building and far from TriBeCa, the new tower in Hudson Yards. Our apartment lights up for about 20 minutes each sunny day. Very eerie.

  2. We get the same kind of thing happening in our apartment – when the sun hits 1WTC just right – which is very occasional – it’s almost unbearable to be upstairs.

  3. wow wow!! great shots both of you!!!