Seen & Heard: A Deli Is Actually Opening

••• E. sent over a pic of a Best Market truck unloading.

Best Market truck by E••• Saleya has been stripped bare.

Saleya••• I wondered a while back what 19 Park Place would look like from the west. Will they really leave the center part unfinished? I guess it gives us a sense of the shape of whatever could get built next door.

19 Park Place••• Butter my butt and call me a biscuit! There’s going to be a new deli in the area! It’s at 107 Church. Could “Fress” be an allusion to “fresh”?

Fress Deli••• Still no guesses for yesterday’s Where in Tribeca…?

••• I wish El Vez would convert the easternmost dining room, which doesn’t seem to be used much at lunchtime, into a sit-down version of El Vez Burrito. Now that much of the latter is devoted to line, the seating there isn’t super pleasant, and not all of us can just take our burrito back to our cubicle.

El Vez••• Looks like Calypso St. Barth is definitely not happening at Brookfield Place—what was once Calypso signage, and then just Calypso pink, is now the mall’s “leasing info” signage.

formely Calypso at Brookfield Place••• There’s a salon in the space at 63-ish Franklin where Majestic Tattoo used to be. I didn’t go in because there was no sign, someone was getting a haircut, and the woman doing the cutting was scowling at me.



  1. Fress could come from German (via Yiddish) “fressen” – meaning literally “to eat”, as an animal, and figuratively “to eat ravenously”, as a person

  2. fresserei in German means fast food place, or junk food. It alludes, also, to gluttony.

  3. In German, “fress” means to eat like an animal or with bad manners.